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Beyond Relic-Aged Strat Progressions

May  2007
Pictured is a Strat destroyed by Kurt Cobain, on display in a UK museum, which along with other similar memorabilia helped celebrate 30 years of Britain's Reading Festival (article link).

Wouldn't this make a great new limited edition artist series?

Custom Shop could "deconstruct" 300 Strats exactly this way and affix the pieces within large shadow box display cases. Anyone who spent $20K last November on one of those Blackie's, would have been wise to park it in a display case and hang it on the wall anyway. So, what difference does it make whether the guitars are playable or not? You certainly wouldn't wanna "mess up" your investment by actually playing it yourself, right-- "Hey! That's not a genuine Claptonesque headstock cigarette burn!".

The "KC" Strats could be sold for a ridiculous amount, with a portion of the profits going to something nice. Use your imagination...

If you like this idea, check out the "REHAB Series" piece from my recent guest blogger appearance at Electric-Guitar-Review. Yes, someone else actually published my stuff.

Also, stay tuned for seven new models celebrating the Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse-- The Post-Apocalypse Squier Artist Series. Why not? Ok, they'd come with gig bags too... Stain resistant gig bags, no less. Happy now?

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