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Voltz Pedal Board DC Power Supply System

Amperor Music will be introducing their new Voltz DC power supply system at the 30th Annual Dallas International Guitar Festival, April 20-22. If you're attending the fest, look for them and get a demo. Here's a way to organize your pedals and eliminate the 60Hz hum.

From website:
"Introducing the most advanced effect pedal power supply ever - Voltz! A large 6.0Ah battery coupled with an integrated AC/DC and DC/DC charger allows you to power up to 20 pedals at a time, up to eight hours in one charge anywhere in the world! ...

No more 60 cycle hum or ground loop hiss to worry about... The Voltz system is 100% guaranteed to solve all of your noise problems in your guitar effects pedal rig."

Amperor has several DEMO VIDEOS on Youtube for those of us not able to make the Dallas Show.

Amperor Links:

Website: www.amperormusic.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/voltzpedalpower

Dallas Guitar Fest:
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