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Stratoblogster Labs Discovers Backup Tuner

I discovered that my Philips Sonicare toothbrush oscillates in the key of C. In fact, it's C4 "middle C"-- 262 hz!!

When my prized Boss TU-12 tuner finally died and I couldn't find my stash of A440 tuning forks, I got desperate-- yeah, I know there are a zillion free tuning sites online.

But this is interesting, and I actually contacted Phillips customer support and was told that all Sonicare models oscillate at the same specific frequency, making it safe to assume that they're all "C4".

The Phillips support person didn't realize the C thing, but did say that this specific frequency has been determined ideal for helping to break up tarter, plaque and so forth.

Maybe instead of annual dental cleaning visits you could crank a talk box up to TEN with the tube in your mouth and blast the C4 note. I wonder if Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Joe Perry and Ritchie Sambora have lower tarter levels than average people?

With this key maybe even Country musicians can have cleaner teeth...

Stratoblogster Labs

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