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A Strat For Friday #29 - Rees F7S

British luthier Clive Rees builds beautiful guitars with some interesting features. Click on the photo to visit F7S page for better photo quality and tons of details.

A few hi-lites that really impressed me include the body design, neck heel and pickup switching.
Built for sustain the chambered mahogany body core is capped with maple and also capped in the back with a separate piece of wood. Notice the brass between the core and the outer layers-- "...The central working core of the guitar is relatively decoupled from the perimeter. This minimizes the damping effect of the guitarist's body and clothes ...".

The neck heel design has major relief due to the use of ultra strong, thin carbon fiber plates (be sure you check this feature).

At first glance, I instantly considered the elaborate pickup switching too busy and geeky, however the placement is very ergonomic, and Rees himself says it's "...undoubtedly over-kill for stage work..." and intended for studio gigs. A simpler alternative configuration is also available, employing one standard Strat 5-way switch with a push/pull on the tone knob for the humbuckers.

And hey, the headstock actually doesn't suck either.

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