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O'Brien Amp Offers Unique Feature Guitarists Want!

Ed Note: 9/13/08 - Recent follow-up on O'Brien Amps discovered their website down. Further web research turned up random forum chatter indicating that O'Brien may no longer be in business. Anyone with source specific info. is welcome to comment at our Facebook page. jp

The OBRIEN Variable Gain™ circuit (OVG™) is a patented feature which allows seamless panning between channels, thus replacing conventional channel switching.

It's that simple. See the footpedal in front of the cabinet-- now that's channel "switching"-- instead though, it's now more accurately referred to as channel "morphing"!

Seem too good to be true?
Why haven't the big name amp builders incorporated this?

Good questions... I guess Tim O'Brien is just smarter than the average amp bear. And he has US Patent 5,977,474 to prove it.

Still skeptical? Well, in a recent Steve Morse interview, Steve says he's "experimenting" with the O'Brien's, and according to Tim O'Brien, others on-board now include Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes. If you're into "experimenting"-- I say go for the good stuff.

Joe Bonamassa is on O'Brien's artist list, and Nashville area Blues guitarist Scott Holt is very happy with his O'Brien's which he's been using for 3 years. Check the latest O'Brien comments at Harmony Central.

www.obrienamps.com has details, but currently lacks a much needed demo video. They've been quite busy trying to fill orders, so the website hasn't gotten enough attention. I highly recommend adding O'Brien to your gear radar and periodically re-checking their website for updates, because things are really happening for them these days.

"...The patented OVG™ circuit (US Patent 5,977,474) is operated by our dynamic foot pedal control. In the back position the amp runs clean with lots of headroom. As the pedal is rolled forward gain is blended to the signal, with the maximum amount of gain in the full forward position. Dial in the settings and find your tone, whether you’re into rich vintage gain or metal. The independent channel controls set the outside blending parameters and the foot controller gets you everything in between..."

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