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Montreal Band THE DEARS Stolen Gear ALERT!


On April 2nd, Patrick Krief of the Montreal Quebec band The Dears had all his gear stolen. Several guitars and pieces of equipment were taken, including Patrick's treasured 1998 Fender Standard Strat (pictured), for which a $1000 reward is offered.

Here's a complete list of the stolen items followed by Patrick's web/contact links:

Fender Standard Stratocaster 1998
$1000 reward
serial #: Mz0198625
details : White, with white pick guard and maple neck. This guitar has 4 Black Graphite saddles and 2 regular. It has strap locks and a brown leather strap. The white plastic tip on the Whammy bar is cracked

Gibson SG special vintage
details: Dark wood grain unvarnished (the back of the headstock was cracked and glued back and sanded. The mark is visible but slight)

Epiphone Casino Tobacco burst

Zoo customs Black wood chrome hardware with bigsby
details: This guitar is completely unique, it says zoo customs on the headstock, and the headstock design is a shape that no other guitar has (kind of a warped rectangle)

Guitar Valleyarts Standard pro 0939

Fender Jazz Bass
details: Yellow wood finish made in Japan

IMAC 5.2 computer
serial#: W86380c4wh5

Kaser External Drive
serial # Y8FUN063250GB

Line 6 Guitar POD
serial#: Poda024037491900

Alesis Amp RA500
serial#: (21)a405010451000

Fender Mini practice amp
details: Hand held

Peavey 50 watt guitar amp

Traynor Amp head
details: Converted from a combo

Yorkville PA amplifier
details: Carpet casing

Suzuki Omnichord
serial #: 073291

Roland Xp-10 Keyboard
details: The display is slightly defective

details : 66 key Midi controller

All the guitars were taken with their respective cases

they also took our oil heater, just to make sure the broken window keeps the room nice and cold.




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