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April is INTERnational Guitar Month

That's right, INTERnational Guitar Month! I heard this on the radio yesterday-- wish I'd been told sooner.

Here I am having lunch with my Strat.

According to Wikipedia (reputable source), April is also:

Chocolate Eaters Month
Stress Awareness Month
Alcohol Awareness Month
National Humor Month
National Pecan Month
National Welding Month
Mathematics Awareness Month
VD Awareness Month

and many more...

Yes, April is an important month. Oh yeah, It's also National Slack Off at Work Month.

But the only INTERNATIONAL item is International Guitar Month. Apparently, when the leaders of Earth assembled to decide upon the international stuff, they couldn't get a majority vote on chocolate or humor. Another interesting thing is that any item with the word "awareness", refers to a disease or dysfunctional condition. So, Mathematics really IS bad! AND, slacking off at work is something we needn't concern ourselves with. Human progress marches on.

It's good to get these things sorted out, especially before April 15th...

So, celebrate INTERNATIONAL Guitar Month because you'll have global support!
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