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Recent Jeff Beck Performance

Right now, some cool Jeff Beck video stuff is posted on youtube from Japan's 2006 UDO Music Festival. This video (while it remains posted) features the intro to "Pork Pie Hat" leading into "Brush With the Blues" from the Who Else release. Another clip from the same show includes Jeff playing "Stratus", a Jan Hammer tune from Billy Cobham's legendary Spectrum album-- originally featuring the late great Tommy Bolin on guitar.

Beck and Bolin possess nearly the same fusion DNA possibly caused by some strange fusion transfusion incident between the two around 1974, carried out by the mad Doctor Hammer. Details are sketchy and there is endless debate between Bolin and Beck fans as to what actually transpired.

Anyone care to name the Alphonse Mouzon album I'm thinking about this moment.

I like 'em both. Jeff Beck will be 63 in June-- born in 1944! With all the junk out there about how Eddie Van Halen looks, or should look at age 52, let's all just AGREE that Jeff looks marvelous. Promise me that next time you see Jeff, you'll simply say, "Mr. Beck, you look marvelous!" End of story.
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