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Michael Lee Firkins With Trem in Hand

I stumbled upon this youtube clip, from an out-of-print instructional video circa 1989 (check out the white hi-tops). Omaha's own son, heartland Shrapnel shredder Michael Lee Firkins hasn't had my attention for y-e-a-r-s, but that is my own fault. Looking back, I only recalled MLF as one of many shredders whose most distinguishing aspect was an occasional country lick here and there-- but like I said-- my own fault.

All you Scott Henderson fans, familiar with Scott's most recent stuff, i.e. Well to the Bone and his 2 disc live release-- get ready to pick your jaws up from the floor when you watch this clip! Watch THIS ONE next. Not only does Firkins do the same wobbly trem-in-hand technique, but, some key phrases are unmistakably ones you'll hear in Henderson's more recent repertoire. I'm not trying to diss Henderson though-- obviously Firkins and Henderson are huge Jeff Beck fans. It's just interesting, and tells me I should have been paying more attention to Firkins, over a decade ago.

This LINK provides a compilation of MLF reviews. He's also known to do some unusual covers in a less than Looney Tunes fashion than say, Gary Hoey? So, check him out. Firkin's personal website currently consists of a single page bio which doesn't link to anything else, demonstrating a pretty laid back self-promotional approach, similar to that of David Grissom.

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