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Jimmy Bowskill- Blues Guitar With Old School Attitude!

Jimmy Bowskill is a 16 year old Canadian Blues guitar burner who also sings reaaaal good!

This young guitar wonder quickly makes you forget he's a white kid from Canada. Bowskill is buds with Jeff Healey, which says a lot. Healey has become somewhat the Blues guru of the Great White North, holding court in his Blues club and nurturing other burners like Philip Sayce.

He prefers his Les Paul, but we're welcoming him to the Stratoblogster family simply because he's so damn good and old school. A photo of him with The Reverend Billy Gibbons, on his website, was also a factor. Billy's eyes shifted to me and a voice in my head said, "Jimmy Bowskill must be a Strat-o-Brother regardless!". Then I was stumblin' thru the parkin' lot of an invisible 7-11.

Extra special thanks to VERN for the righteous tip on Jimmy Bowskill!!


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