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Diane von Furstenberg Designer Strat? Stuff Happens...

The Stratocaster has become a canvas for nearly everyone and every theme. The Diane von Furstenberg designer Strat, currently part of the Harrod's exhibit, will be auctioned off at Christie's following the exhibit.

GadgetCandy.Com describes the Strat as follows:

"...The design diva has taken the classic fender Stratocaster and given it an indie-kitsch feel by adding a mish-mash of black and cream checks across its bod’..."

I just can't write like that... To me, the body looks like a smashed Sidewalk Sundae or Klondike Bar morphed into a Strat. But if you're gettin' an "indie-kitch feel", just know you may still need to get your licks in quick before it melts.

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