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Carl Verheyen's Interactive DVD/CD is a First

"Take One Step" a new release from Carl Verheyen (previously featured), represents a landmark for the music industry. The release is an interactive DVD/CD album described in a PR Leap press release as follows:

"...This unique 2-disc DVD-A/V/ECD set features: an HD 5.1 surround mix, 2 alternate 5.1 mixes, an HD stereo mix, 75 minutes of video, artist interviews, optimized pre-ripped MP3 files, ring tones, song charts as PDF files and web connection software.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Carl Verheyen package is an exclusive feature of AIX Records releases; which is multiple mixes of each track. Listeners can choose to experience the music from the “stage” or “audience” perspective..."

Although Carl isn't a mainstream pop artist, the industry will be watching as it hopes to reverse the slump in CD sales created by music downloads, by producing more elaborate fully featured products like this one. This is the kind of thing you expect from Todd Rundgren.

So if you miss the old days of album sleeves, cover art, liner notes and lyrics-- and were worried the iPod meant the end of these things, just know that full course music meal menu products are on the way!

But even closer to home, the very same press release mentions that Verheyen is also working with guitar string maker Thomastik-Infeld to create string sets that better balance Stratocaster trem systems.

I called Verheyen a "renaissance" guy in the previous post. Do you believe me now!
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