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Strat-o-Detour -- Hamer Monaco III


Ok, let me explain. No, I'm not out of Strat material.

My brother is itchin' for a versatile guitar incorporating both Fender and Gretch aspects. This seems like quite a stretch, but I'm very intrigued by Hamer's Monaco III model. The 3 single pickups (Duncan P-90's), perhaps the only remotely "Fenderish" characteristic, obviously caught my attention. The 25.5" scale length also piqued my interest, as well as its 5 pos pickup selector.

Lo & behold, my suspicions were correct. A review at has this to say:

"...The sounds are heavily Strat-flavored but markedly fatter, with pronounced midrange bite... fat, crunchy single-coil tones in the overdrive channel and with the volume on the guitar backed down a little, very Stratocaster-like tones with a lot of sparkle in the clean channel..."

VG also discusses the scale length aspects. A browse through the Harmony Central User Reviews turns up all sorts of Strat references-- either about the in-between tones available from the standard 5 position switch, or more comments on the "fat Strat" tone. One reviewer offers, "... more like a Strat on steroids...". A pretty bold statement, but certainly worthy of investigation.

Versatility is also mentioned frequently. My bro plays rockabilly/swing and is especially fond of Fender Jazzmasters as well as Gretch's, so I'm thinkin' this might just cover his bases.

Of course I'll want to borrow it-- OMG a Strat on steroids!!

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