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A Strat For Friday #21- Van de Haar 'Aged'

Holland's Relic Guitar Builder

Van de Haar Aged Guitar(photo:www.haarguitars.nl)

Holland's Haar Guitars is a high end dealer featuring Suhr and Heritage guitars, and several boutique amp lines in addition to their own Van de Haar Custom Guitars.

The Van de Haar line consists mainly of gourmet Strat/Tele type models. Although most of their site text is Dutch, their hardware specs contain terms i.e.- Fralin, Swamp Ash, US Birdseye Maple and Suhr V60's.

A large part of their custom line includes "Aged" finish models. Obviously they're into the vintage-relic thing-- as you can plainly see from our feature guitar; this one, no doubt inspired by Rory Gallagher. Click on the image for a better look.

Next time you're in Amsterdam, pick up one of these, but don't pick up anything else... except maybe some Heineken and some nice tulip bulbs for Mom.

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