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A Strat For Friday #20- Be My Valentine, By Grosh!

Grosh Guitars Bent Top Custom

This Don Grosh, Bent Top Custom in Transparent Pink says, "Be my Valentine!"-- like nobody's business! Like Tom Anderson, Grosh is just a wild man with maple top finishes! Click on the image to visit a full array of Bent Top Custom models in every color. The photo quality is much better there too, so be sure to go and look at every single one. I did... twice.

If not for Valentine's Day coming up, it would have been really tough choosing the feature guitar. They simply call it "transparent pink", but I call it "A Rippling River of Rosebud Riff-essence"-- but that's just me. Also check out the Trans/Blue with Red Tortoise Pickguard. Is that sick or what?!! I do sick! And Lindy Fralin pickups are standard equipment! I need professional help here!!!

CLICK HERE for specs and hardware info.

Don Grosh Custom Guitars
Broomfield, Colorado USA

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