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Rumors of Easy Button Strat Totally Untrue

Spinning off Fender's recent VG Strat debut are rumors of the upcoming "Easy Button Strat".

These rumors are completely false, as there are no plans of a Fender/Staples venture for the purpose of adapting Easy Button Technology "EBT" to future Strat designs.

The popular office supply chain is thought to have somehow stolen EBT from the Dept. of Defense "DOD", who actually originally borrowed EBT from the pharmaceutical industry, a facilitator of EBT for quite some time.

Spokespeople for all the aforementioned entities have refused to comment.

However, Stratoblogster Labs intends to pursue with its own R & D into EBT, possibly combining this technology with its VGSVViGG project.

This is all very hush hush stuff and if not for the low traffic stats this blog receives, I'd be very hesitant to say anything about it... Let's keep this in the family.
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