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Nori Bucci- Buffalo's Righteous Strat-o-Sister


Nori Bucci is a multifaceted Strat-o-Sister!

The Buffalo, NY guitarist plays instrumental progressive-fusion music with Gamalon, and acoustic guitar/vocals on her solo projects. She's also a very cool graphic artist.

I just happened to run into her online in my usual ouija board mousepad style, but as usual, Mr. Monk at TruthInShredding is already hip to Nori and has a nice video archive, so get over there and check out the vids (he's probably wearing a worn out Nori Bucci t-shirt as he reads this).

Buffalo is the birthplace of music institutions i.e. Billy Sheehan/Talas, Ani DiFranco and Gamalon-- a band that has actually existed since the 60's. Nori Bucci is proof that Buffalo has generated more than one righteous babe. When you visit her main website, be sure to click the gallery link and read the rear cover plate on her Strat.

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