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NAMM Oddities Site Has The Rest of The Story


NAMM Oddities is a feature of The Other Room, a site by Master Audio Engineer Barry Wood, contributer to Keyboard, Electronic Musican and Home Recording magazines. Anyone with a home studio MUST visit The Other Room and check out all the links there for lots of practical info.

NAMM Oddities documents many products introduced at the trade show that you probably wouldn't otherwise find out about unless you attend NAMM. Various categories are featured, as well as a menu of past shows.

Pictured is the Guitar Jacket from none other than (of course!!). A really cool thing about this form-fitting protective guitar cover, is that the website provides a file upload browser tool so you can send an image/pattern .jpg for your very own custom guitar jacket.

Imagine pictures of your cat adorning your Strat-- now how about that!! Visit NAMM Oddities for something completely different.
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