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Eric Steckel -- Young Strat Burner!!

Special thanks to Vern for the scoop on young guitar wonder, Eric Steckel!! Vern had this to comment:

"Another one to add to your young guitarist list is 16-year old Eric Steckel from Jacksonville, FL. At 13, Eric became the youngest person ever to play onstage with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers and later at that age toured Scandinavia as a guest artist with that group. At 14, he recorded the lead guitar track on one song on Mayall's 57th CD, "Roaddogs". Liner notes say - 'Eric Steckel - the hottest 14-year old guitarist we've ever come across.' The Eric Steckel Band is scheduled to make its 3rd European tour beginning late May. Drummer for the band is 18-year old Duane Trucks, youngest brother of Derek."

Thanks again Vern!

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