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Do the Timewarp Series With Nash Guitars

Nash Guitars(photo:www.nashguitars.com)

Custom builder Bill Nash has one of the coolest "relic" concepts I've run across. He's also quite the wit and will have you laughing repeatedly as you tour the NashGuitars website. So if you need a break from the "serious" luthier scene, Nash is your man.

Nash's Timewarp guitar series features 3 levels of aging:
1) Light (Church Gig)
2) Medium (Working Man)
3) Heavy (Louisiana Roadhouse)

Beyond the usual Strat & Tele type models, Nash also has an "E Series" and "J Series", and I'll let you find out for yourself what those are.

One the lighter side, be sure to check the legal disclaimer at the bottom of the home page, as well as the "Links (sorry)" link just above the disclaimer. Also read the FAQ page very closely and realize that Nash has been around the block as a custom builder. The final FAQ item is hysterical!

You are advised to let Bill make guitars, and contact his dealers (as listed on home page) with any questions or inquiries you may have.



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