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Custom Guitar Vaults Keep Your Prized Strats Safe

Theft & Fire Proof Guitar Safes

Guitar Vault Security Safe(photo:PrivateSecurityProducts)
The safest way to keep your guitars safe is in a SAFE. A vault, that is. In addition to preventing theft, a guitar vault also protects your instruments from fire, floods, beavers, termites, etc...

ANYWAY, PrivateSecurityProducts.Com is in the security and safe business. They've added custom guitar vaults to their line which can accomodate up to 15 instruments. A 12-15 instrument vault built to withstand 2300 degrees F for 60 minutes, *costs  less than one Custom Shop Strat.

The 5-7 unit pictured, goes for around $1200. Such a deal!

Also check out: SNAGG RFID microchips for theft recovery tracking!!

If you already live in a vault, check out COOL GUITAR DISPLAYS for fine crafted exotic wood display cases & cabs for guitars and basses.

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