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Bryan Baker- Stealth Program Fusion Guitarist

Bryan Baker (B-R-Y-A-N, that's right, Bryan with a "Y" in the middle) is the latest to emerge from Berklee's arsenal of high-tech fusion guitar weaponry.

In spite of being well known in certain Jazz Circles and the Berklee community, Bryan Baker is somewhat in a "Stealth Mode".

Tipped about Bryan by an anonymous source, I've made some interesting observations. Neither Bryan's main website or his myspace include any photos of Bryan-- and the song samples at both sites are extremely short snippets. The above photo, from the Berklee site, seems to be the only online photo. Finally, until a youtube video mysteriously appeared this weekend, there was no video. To further obscure things, another Baker, acoustic guitar fingerstylist Brian Baker seems to dominate web search results. But I'm not finished... The sole BRYan Baker video presents Bryan from a fixed side angle preventing direct observation of his playing.

I'm tellin' ya, Stealth Mode. But Stealth Guitarists aren't a new phenomenon. In '76 while touring with Ponty's band, Allan Holdsworth stayed out of the spotlight behind guitarist Daryl Stuermer, allowing many to believe his solos were coming from the keyboards (we knew they weren't coming from Stuermer). Around the same time, a yet unsigned Edward Van Halen was playing solos in clubs and at parties-- his back turned to the spectators. Then there's the guy under the KFC bucket and white mask to protect his face from the 7 secret herbs and spices. All very mysterious stuff of the guitar stealth underworld.

Since age 4, the now 21 year old Baker has been studying guitar in some amazing programs resulting in full tuition scholarships to Los Angeles Music Academy (at age 14) followed by Berklee College of Music. His education bio provokes a guitar version of "Ender's Game".

Currently fronting The Bryan Baker Quartet and opening for Steps Ahead, Bryan has performed with Jimmy Haslip, Russ Ferrante, Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Bob Mintzer and many others. He is promoting a recent release entitled "APHOTIC". The site links below provide more details on Bryan and the Aphotic release.

Those with the opportunity to see Bryan Baker perform live are advised to cover your eyes at the end of the show when Bryan and bandmates put on the MIB shades. It's that stealth thing...

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