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Young Guitar Wonder Directory

Kids who play guitar
kids who play guitar
Quinn Sullivan at age 4 - 2003
(photo: David W. Oliveira/ Standard-Times)

They are the Voodoo Children, the next phase of the South Saturn Delta Force-- whatever ridiculous thing you wanna call them. In many ways, they are an unexplained phenomenon... much like Indigo Children. Humans born in the 80's, 90's or even this new century, aren't expected to pick up the guitar, and want to play in the style of Hendrix, Albert King, The Ventures, Santana or SRV.

Are they rebelling against their parents' music? Not this time. Are they unduly influenced by their overbearing stage parents? Not necessarily (click on the above photo and read the news article excerpt).

Ray Goren interview in 2013, at age 14. Watch all this for licks and words of wisdom from an old Blues soul. 

My search for guitar players sometimes yields a young guitar wonder. Most people are familiar with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Dweezil Zappa & Jonny Lang. Even Stevie Ray Vaughan was re-focusing the lens for us on a part of guitar culture born decades earlier, he himself, a young wonder. They're out there.

Many Strat-o-Sisters are included, as more & more of the female gender, from a very young age, are wanting to wail with a guitar. Loud electric guitar soloing is no longer a male domain. Does this reflect feminism? Nah-- it simply reflects soul.

"With the power of soul, anything is possible." Jimi Hendrix

Young Guitar Wonder Directory:

Aaron Squirrel electric prog blues
Alex Raz rock
Alex Tintinalli - electric blues/rock
Andrew Goldring electric blues/rock
Austin Crum - electric blues/rock
BassGirl5809 - Amazing young bass player
Ben Lapp - Acoustic fingerstyle- slapping
Billy Norris electric blues/fusion
Brandon Neibauer - electric blues/rock
Bryan Baker jazz-fusion
Carson Brock - electric Blues/Rock (Austin,TX)
CC - Rock
Chelsea Constable - Progressive Rock & Blues
Christone "Kingfish" Ingram - Electric Blues
Cole Citrenbaum electric blues
Connor "Wild Thing" - Rock
Conrad Oberg electric & acoustic blues
Davy Knowles electric blues/rock
Desiree Bassett electric blues/rock/metal
Dusty Ciggaar electric blues
Edward "Eddie Blue" Yakkel - electric blues
Eric Steckel electric blues/rock
Fletcher Barton - Rock
Fredrik Strand Halland electric blues
Grant Austin Taylor electric blues
Guido della Gatta - electric rock
Hayden Fogle - electric blues
Hero Ha "The Fifth Beatle"
James Hunter - electric blues/rock - One Eyed Rhyno band
"Jimmy" - 10 year old bass player from Illinois (likes Jaco!)
Jimmy Bowskill electric blues/rock
Jacqueline Mannering Rock
Jake Haldenwang electric Blues/Rock
Jeff Howard - electric/jam/blues/rock
Jessica Jezzy Lewis - electric rock & jazz
Jo Shaw Taylor electric blues/pop
Josh Gooch blues rock
Julian Lage blues/jazz
Justin Weed blues rock

Levi Platero electric blues/rock/gospel
Lucciano Pizzichini electric blues/rock
Luis Metal Kid - electric rock
Lydia Warren electric blues
Marcus King - electric blues/fusion
Matthew Curry electric blues (lefty)
Mitch Laddie electric blues
Mike Imbasciani electric blues/classic rock
Myles Mancuso electric blues/classic rock
Nick Poczynek Rock
Nick Sterling electric blues/rock/metal
Nick Veinoglou electric blues
Nina Attal - electric blues rock
Orianthi electric blues/rock/metal
Preston Dow - electric/rock/blues/jam
Pipoquinha, Michael David - Jazz/Funk BASS
Quinn Sullivan electric blues/pop
Ray Goren - BLUES
Royal Hayes - Eclectric electric blues & rock
Ryan Watson - ROCK
Shock - Blues Rock
Sol Philcox electric blues/rock/country
Tallan "T-Man" Latz electric blues
Tal Wilkenfeld jazz girl bass player
Taylor Marvin - Electric Blues & more
Toby Barnett - Eclectic, Jeff Beck whammy technique
Tyler Dow Bryant Texas blues
uke3453 - 5 year old Japanese kid with ukelele
Zakk Knight - BLUES

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