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Upcoming VG Strat Accessories!

As you wait around for the Fender-Roland VG Strat to become available, let's consider some accessories.

Stratoblogster Labs, in coordination with the aforementioned companies-- plus Warner Bros, hopes to further expand the VG Stat's capabilities by introducing, The VG Strat Virtual Virtuoso iGloves for Guitarists (VGSVViGG).

That's right, you read right-- the VGSVViGG's will come pre-programmed with 10 all time greatest guitar solos (sorry, no Stairway), and utilize Blue Tooth technology to coordinate left and right igloves with eachother and the VG Strat. VGSVViGG's will only function with VG Strats.

The igloves actually train a player's hands to play the pre-set solos, and will include variable speed, key and alternate tuning settings. Advanced features allow players to play and store up to 10 minutes of original solos and clone them to another pair of VGSVViGG's. They are made with a non-stick, heat proof material and will include a bonus plug-in for tossing pizza dough like a real pro.

The current prototype permits up to 4 fingers only. The major bugs remaining, once handled, will allow full 5 finger design and function. We expect to have a 5 finger prototype soon, pending approval of more carrots for the R & D budget. Click image for demo vid.

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