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Stratoblogster Labs-- Gas Hybrid Guitar Preamp

In our continuing series, documenting cutting edge technology for the Strat culture, here you see me siphoning gasoline into my Strat for the new hybrid guitar preamp system I've been invited to test.

A January 2010 federal mandate requiring all guitar preamp systems to be at least partially gasoline powered, is intended to reduce the rate of 9V batteries overflowing our landfills.

As my prototype arrived with neither batteries or gas, it was necessary to procure fuel from an available source (a neighbor's SUV).

It's difficult to see in this photo, but in the interest of SAFETY, I've wrapped the auxiliary cord/fuel line tightly around my neck several times to inhibit the inhalation of dangerous fumes, as well as provide good strain relief!

This new technology is similar to what NASA developed for converting astronaut pee back into Tang. Watch for this at NAMM by 2009!
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