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Funny, unusual Stratocaster guitar blog posts
And now, the ridiculous debut of Stratoblogster Labs!

"Stratoblogster Labs" is a series documenting my research & development into cutting edge technology for the Strat culture. Legitimate links are also included-- whatever that means...

Pictured here with proper safety attire, I demonstrate my latest trem technique employing two, count 'em TWO bars in my left hand... for one crisp, smooth action.

Don't try this anywhere but home!

(baby carrots are my current, allowed post-holiday snack)

Stratoblogster Labs Directory:
Guitar World Contributions

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Decoding Guitar Tone Psychobabble - Useful tips for tone!
A-432 vs A-440 tuning standard
Neural Optic Therapy - addressing pain and/or coordination 
Instrumental Guitar Covers Done Right
Just Say "No!" to Black T-shirts
What Ever Happened to YOUR Favorite Guitarist(s)
Blind Guitar Player Advantages

More from the lab soon!!

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