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Strat-o-Sister: Zoe McCulloch


Dubbed "Queen of the Stratocaster" by fans in Brazil-- Britain's 21 year old Zoe McCulloch has toured the planet playing her classic brand of instrumental guitar.

With already FIVE albums and a concert DVD to her credit, Zoe has either toured, performed or recorded with such names as: Mark Knopfler, Mason Williams, Tommy Emmanuel and more. The photo album at www.zoemcculloch.com is a guitar Who's Who, including great shots of Zoe mugging it up with guitar legends Les Paul, Jeff Beck, Scotty Moore and many, many others.

"Instrumental Guitar", a decades long established genre has an extensive and diverse family tree composed of: Hank Marvin, The Shadows, The Ventures, Chet Atkins, Santo & Johnny, Les Paul, Dick Dale, etc. Many current guitar heroes of various genres were first introduced to guitar through the works of these and other classic instrumental guitar artists. Unlike Jazz, Blues, Fusion or Shred, the Instrumental Guitar genre focuses on presenting classic & pop melodies with emphasis on the songs as opposed to solos; a basic but far from adequate description.

Certainly a genre which significantly helped bring electric guitar into mainstream international culture. Asia and Scandinavia are just crazy for the stuff.

When Zoe McCulloch was about 10 (in the mid-90's), she happened to hear Apache by Hank Marvin and The Shadows. This 1960 instrumental guitar hit was all the inspiration needed for a little girl, some now call "The Queen of the Stratocaster". Zoe's story is also the story of an important era for guitar that continues to reinvent itself.

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