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Strat-O-Brother Guitarist Directory

Best Stratocaster Players

Stratocaster guitar players(photo: Sir Harrison)

Many indie artists are featured in our directory, along with names you're sure to recognize. Please take some time to check out some names unfamiliar to you!

Also check our Strat-o-Sisters and Young Guitar Wonders directories!

Strat-O-Brother Guitarist Directory:

Aaron Squirrel progessive electric blues
Alex Raz rock
Alex Tintinalli electric blues rock
Andrew Goldring electric blues rock...

Anthony Gomes blues/rock
Anthony Lococo prog/fusion
Audley Freed electric blues rock
Beau Hall electric blues rock
Ben Robinson electric blues rock
Billy Gibbons electric blues rock
Billy Norris electric blues/fusion
Brian Kahanek electric blues rock
Brian Stoltz - Electric Blues/Funk
Bruce Arnold - Jazz Fusion & major instruction!
Bryan Baker jazz-fusion
Buddy Guy blues/ electric blues
Carl Verheyen jazz/rock/fusion
Carlos Santana rock/fusion
Chris Duarte electric blues rock
Chris Francheteau electric blues rock
Chris Schreiner Fusion
Coen Wolters groovy acid blues rock
Cole Citrenbaum electric blues
Connor "Wild Thing" Rock
Conrad Oberg acoustic & electric blues
Danny Bryant - Electric Blues & Rock
Danny John Shred Fusion, Aussy Style
David Grissom Texas blues/roots rock/country
Davy Knowles Electric Blues/Rock
Dean Magraw eclectic jazz fusion global
Demian Dominguez - electric Blues
Dimitar Bozikov prog/rock/fusion
Don DePaola solo fusion/new age
Doug Morrison prog/rock/blues
Doug Rappoport prog/rock/fusion
Doyle Bramhall II rock/blues
Dusty Ciggaar electric blues rock
Dweezil Zappa prog/rock/fusion
Eddie Angel surf/instrumental/twang
Elmo Karjalainen prog/rock
Eric Barnett - prog/fusion rock
Eric Gales electric blues rock
Eric Johnson prog/rock/blues/fusion
Eric Steckel electric blues/rock
Fabrizio Leo prog/rock/shred/fusion
Frank Zappa prog/rock/fusion/jazz
Fredrik Strand Halland electric blues
Geno White - Fusion Blues
Gerald Gradwohl - Fusion blues
Grant Austin Taylor electric blues
Guthrie Govan prog/fusion
Hubert Sumlin Blues legend
Irwin Thomas - Blues Progressive Alt
Ivan Mihaljevic prog/metal
Jack Pearson roots Rock/Blues/Country/Jazz
James Rogers - Blues (and pickup maker)
Jay Kaye electric blues rock
Jef Lee Johnson - Soul/Blues/Fusion/Rock
Jeff Beck rock/jazz/fusion
Jeff Calvin - blues/jazz
Jeff Cloud rock/electric blues
Jeff McErlain rock/fusion
Jimmy Bowskill electric blues/rock
Jimi Hendrix THE KING blues/rock/fusion
Joe Bonamassa electric blues
Joe Gooch electric blues/rock (Ten Years After)
John Mayer pop/electric blues/rock
Jordan Cook electric blues punk
Josh Grondin- The Hanks power pop/punk
Juan Pablo Daza - Jazz fusion/Blues
Julien Kasper electric blues/rock/fusion/jazz
KolioK - electric Blues, Rock
Lars Haugen hi-octane country instrumental
Levi Platero- The Plateros electric blues/gospel
Lowell George roots/blues/rock/fusion
Lucas Zembrzuski progressive/fusion
Marc Mann - Film Scoring, Arranging
Matthew Curry electric blues/young wonder/lefty
Matt Schofield electric blues
Monte Montgomery Strat camouflage
Michael Britt new country/roots rock
Mike ______? Lewisville, TX First Baptist VOP Choir, 2010
Mitch Laddie - Electric Blues
"Mojo" Myles Mancuso electric blues/classic rock
Ned Evett Fretless Strat wizard
Nick Poczynek Rock
Nick Sterling electric blues/rock
Nicola Costa fusion/electric blues
Noah Wotherspoon roots/rock/psychedelic/blues
Oz Noy progressive jazz fusion
Parker Griggs - classic psychedelic blues rock
Phil Brown electric blues/progressive
Philip Sayce electric blues/rock
PJ Barth - electric blues/rock
PJ O'Brien electric blues
Popa Chubby electric blues/rock
Popeye Kahn aka SmittyFactor power pop/rock/fusion
Quinn Sullivan electric blues/rock
Ric "Bluesfuze" Arra electric blues
Robben Ford prog electric blues/fusion
Robin Trower prog electric blues/rock
Rory Gallagher electric blues/rock
Ryan McGarvey - electric blues/rock
Scott Henderson electric blues/rock/fusion/jazz
Shane Theriot electric blues/fusion/jazz
Sir Harrison and the Blues Kings electric blues
Sol Philcox electric blues/roots/rock/country
Sonny Landreth electric progressive blues (slide virtuoso)
Steffen Schackinger eclectic fusion
Steve Hubbard Fusion
Stevie Ray Vaughan electric blues/rock
Stig Mathisen classical/rock/fusion/jazz
Tallan "T-Man" Latz electric blues
Terry Robb Blues/Roots
Thaddeus Hogarth jazz/blues/soul/r&b/funk/reggae
Thomas Blug instrumental rock/fusion
Toby Barnett - Very young Jeff Beck - keyboards too!
Toby Knapp neo classical metal
Todd Tijerina electric blues
Tom Morello only Tom knows...
Tony Joe White blues/roots/swamp
Tony Martin electric blues/psychedelic
Trey Alexander prog/metal/rock
Tyler Dow Bryant Texas blues
Rey "StingRey" Vasquez electric blues
Wayne Krantz - Bebop & Avant gard improv.
Willie Oteri fusion (70's style)
Yasser Yassz Tejeda Afro-Dominican Jazz, Blues & Fusion
Yvan Le Gall Fusion
Zack Dudzik - Electric Blues

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