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A Strat For Friday #16 - Langcaster

Langcaster Guitar(photo: www.langcaster.com)

Jan 12, 2007
New Zealand luthier Joh Lang's motto could be: "And now for something completely different!"
The body of the guitar pictured is carved from a wood called "Kauri" that is 35,000 years old! This is beautiful stuff, and Lang's website has plenty of photos! I don't know how resonant it is, but Lang seems to be a pickup wizard too, and builds some kind of special low impedance pickups.

Yes, I said 35 THOUSAND years old! They have the carbon dating certs to prove it. Watch for a Fred Flintstone signature model!

Lang is anything but conventional-- but he nonetheless knows the Strat shape is a winning platform for his creations. Legendary Dutch guitarist Jan Akkerman is endorsing the Langcaster guitar line. Lang's headstock designs are another story-- and as we all know, the headstock thing really gets me going. But I promise to spare you here. You'll either love it or hate it-- there is no in between. This Kauri wood is just mind boggling stuff!

Discover all about Lang and his exotic works at www.langcaster.com
Click Here for the full scoop on Kauri wood.

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