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A Strat For Friday #15 - Zoe's Custom

Zoe McCulloch's Hank Marvin Custom Shop Strat

(photo: www.zoemcculloch.com)

This exquisite bird's-eye maple headstock/neck belongs to Strat-o-Sister Zoe McCulloch.

The guitar is #19 of 40, Hank Marvin Fender Custom Shop models, and has been even further enhanced at Fender's UK shop, with the addition of Kinman pickups and an Easy-Mute Trem. But that's not all folks-- another shop added fretboard LED's, custom paint and Zoe's logos.

Reminds me of our Stat-o-Sister Lisa Baker, who similarly, can't stop refining her Strat.

These women and their Strats... what'll they do next? This one already had me with the maple-- that headstock is killin' me! Geez, just look at it!

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