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Stig Mathisen- 21st Century Renaissance Guitarist

Strat-o-brother Stig Mathisen, Norwegian artist/guitarist extraordinaire, currently lives in Los Angeles while attending USC's Studio/Jazz Guitar Masters Program.

EDITOR NOTE (6/1/07): Stig is currently working in legendary metal band Alcatraz, following in the footsteps of Alcatraz guitar Alums Steve Vai & Yngwie Malmsteen. Visit: http://www.myspace.com/therealalcatrazz for the band's current tour and recording details!

I just don't know how to do the guy enough justice in this blog.

Stig has been immersed in the highest levels of guitar education for quite some time, and has a mile long list of credentials in his bio at www.myspace.com/stigmathisen

Stig does it all too. He does Classical, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Metal and more, with great skill and musicality-- and has worked one on one with the likes of Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, Carl Verheyen, Steve Trovato and others.

As you can imagine, Stig lists a diverse group of influences too, which you must also read when you visit his site.

In addition to the eclectic music player menu, there's also Stig's videos. The link is located just under his main site photo, next to the "pics" link. Three videos include performances of Surfin' With the Alien, a Zappa tribute band solo and a classic Jazz standard.

Like I said, Stig does IT ALL-- and quite well!! In the bit of email correspondence we've had, Stig has been most gracious and willing to share his impressions of working with Scott Henderson, one of my favorite musicians. He also let me know it would be an honor to be featured in this blog... to which I can only respond with a Yabba Dabba Doo!! Who-- little old blogger me??

So, PLEASE click on Stig's photo or the myspace link above to check out his story, music and videos. It's a real honor to discover fine guitarists like this guy.

My job is to make sure you discover them too!
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