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JP Holesworth aka Stratoblogster

Stratoblogster is a guitar blog about guitars and general guitar culture. I blog about guitarists, guitar topics and guitar resources. We focus on Stratocasters much of the time because it helps give the blog some focus. The Strat is my first love, and the first guitar model I actually identified a long long time ago when my big brother let me know Jimi Hendrix's guitar was called a "Stratocaster". Soon after, I spotted a blonde Strat in a music store window display, and that was it. My high school years were spent mostly doodling Strats and Marshall stacks in notebooks, textbook margins, folders as well as on my bell bottom jeans and tennis shoes. I really love my Tele and other guitars too, but the Strat represents my discovery of wanting to play guitar.

I started this blog in 2006 to help keep my head into guitar and playing more regularly. This is saving me from the middle age couch potato disintegration into the television. Currently, I also write and edit for other guitar related endeavors, and am connecting with amazing musicians, writers and guitar gear experts-- some well known ones too! Still, I'm pretty broke most of the time, but life has more meaning now, and I continue to improve as a guitar player even though I'm well past my teens and twenties. If your passion is or was for guitar, don't let it go!!!

Comments at this blog, but you can always chime in at our Stratoblogster Facebook Page or contact me direct via private message at the FB page.

I live in the Pacific NW, USA.  Playing guitar, cooking, internet-- and blogging about these things are my passions. Visit the Features Directory link for my major topics and sub-directories.  


Guitar World online

Guitar Connoisseur (Original/former Copy Editor & Feature Writer)

My 2009 interview at the JEMsite Blog pretty much covers everything about me guitar-wise.

Thanks again for visiting Stratoblogster!

JP Holesworth

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