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Philip Sayce Put's His Strat In YO FACE!!!

Recently hearing Strat-o-Brother Philip Sayce for the first time was like getting run over by a Kenworth sized, Strat tone haulin', churnin' urn of burnin' monster groove, steamrollin' down the highway of desire!

Or something similar to that.

Prior to releasing his 14 song solo effort, entitled Peace Machine, Philip toured with and performed guitar duties for the likes of Jeff Healey, Melissa Etheridge and Uncle Kracker. Beyond just another solo guitar album, Peace Machine's cuts are well crafted songs with vocals, strong melodies and grooves. I've used the word groove three times now.

Hot steaming platters of smoked Strat-o-Back rib tones, enough to tip over Fred Flintstone's car and dim the lights at Kenny Wayne Whats-his-name's house, are served up by Sayce's superglue callused fingers of 13's guage doom, accompanied by vocals sweet and soulful enough to prevent the ladies from even thinking of turnin' down the volume.

That previous paragraph was one entire sentence! SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!!

To experience the groove of Philip Sayce, and you will (Oh yes, you WILL), just check out the sights and sounds at:


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