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The Stagemaster Project is a blog documenting one man's adventure with hotrodding a Squier Strat. At this time, the chrono sequence of the project begins at the bottom of the first archive page, however, the author may reverse this in the future.

So, Crispy's got this old Squier Stagemaster model that he really likes the feel of-- even more-so than some higher end guitars he owns (it happens). Because of this, he decides to do a major overhaul by replacing the cheesy hardware, wiring, shielding, etc., and as an added benefit of course, gains a learning experience from doing this himself.

This documentary is cool on different levels, because Crispy has to confront replacement parts suppliers issues as well as the mechanics and electronics issues from the perspective of someone who isn't a guitar tech. But even though he's not Dan Erlewine, he does a thorough- high quality job, both documenting and modding the guitar- and gets great results. A must read for anyone contemplating their first DIY guitar mod.

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