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Fender's New Digital VG Strat vs Ned Lud

Cary at Electric Guitar Review, our roving Winter NAMM '07 correspondent, has all the goods and links you need on Fender's new digital "VG Stratocaster". Looks like Fender & Roland have teamed up to take on the Line 6 Variax set-up. Visit the EGR link above for the hot scoop!

CLICK HERE for my REAL coolest new product pick from Winter NAMM '07.

Hey, what's the "VG" stand for? I can't find it anywhere. Is this something that I should just know from ultimate hipness and groovitude?

"Variable Guitar"
"Virtual Guitar" (probably)
"Ventriloquist Guitar"
"Viagra Guitar"
"Variax Gags"
"Very Good"
"Vulcan Grip"
"Volcano Grunge"
"Vinyl Gravity"
"Vinnie Giglionni"
"Vapid Granola"
"Vortex Gratification"
"Voluptuous Girls"

Oh, I did learn a new word, Luddite, from Cary:

"An individual who is against technological change. Luddite comes from Englishman Ned Lud, who rose up against his employer in the late 1700s. Subsequently, "Luddites" emerged in other companies to protest and even destroy new machinery that would put them out of a job. A neo-Luddite is a Luddite in the Internet age."

I've just decided to be a LUDDITE, at least until sombody tells me just WHAT THE HELL VG STANDS FOR!!!!!!!

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