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Elmo Karjalainen & Deathlike Silence

Finland's Strat-o-Brother Elmo Karjalainen holds guitar duties for the band Deathlike Silence, a classic Euro-Metal band whose sound recaptures the majesty of pre-shred Euro-legends, i.e. Rainbow, Iron Maiden, early Scorpions and MSG.

It's funny that they don't list the above as influences at all. But instead, cite more contemporary, angry, black-metal bands as their influences.

After some pondering, I've concluded that Finnish and Scandinavian bands in general just don't have the same angst as other places. Actually, they seem happier, as evidenced by Deathlike Silence's strong melodic choruses, vocal harmony sections and the incorporation of female lead singer "Ms. Maya" into the mix. Check out the tune House on Haunted Hill at www.myspace.com/deathlikesilencerules , where Elmo tends to take a Blackmore/Schenker approach.

Elmo's solo stuff at www.myspace.com/elmokarjalainen is much more Art Rock/Fusion inspired. Go there and listen to Sanna, a contemplative instrumental in the vein of Jeff Beck's Who Else album.

If you appreciate the roots of early Euro-Metal, both Elmo & Deathlike Silence are sure to please.

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