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'DiPinto Galaxie 4 Ready for Takeoff, Over! ccchk!'

DiPinto Galaxie Guitar(photo: www.dipintoguitars.com)

Blast off "to the moon, Alice!", with the Galaxie 4 from DiPinto Guitars of Philadelphia, PA-- home of the famous cheesesteak sandwich, that big- still cracked bell and the now Iverson-less '76ers.

Pictured is the Galaxie 4 Los Straitjackets model in Silver Sparkle with gold pearl pickguard. The headstock face is also gold pearl. Click on the photo to visit a much better photo at the DiPinto Guitars website. This is the guitar played by the one and only Eddie Angel, surf guitar master.

The guitar features a Jazzmaster style floating trem, DiPinto's own single coil pickups, pearl tuners and a choice of either 4 rocker switches or one 5 position pickup switch. Those 4 red rockers resemble lipsticks or miniature cruise missiles emerging from their silos.

Besides the G4, DiPinto builds quite an array of guitars ranging from their serious Metro Archtop models to their sporty Mach IV solidbodies.
DiPinto has a look for Blues players, Surf Players and Jazz Players alike. They even make a killer "V" style guitar called the Hellion for our Metalhead shredder buddies.

If you like what Reverend and Eastwood are putting out, ya better check out the DiPinto line.
And then enjoy a fine cheesesteak sandwich, that is, if you can find one outside of Philly.

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