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Colleen Reilly - Strat-O-Sister

Colleen Reilly was training to be a professional dancer; something not too unusual for a young gal to be doing. Then suddenly, a higher calling summoned her to pick up the guitar-- and today, Colleen is studying music at Berklee, on a scholarship!

Even more intriguing, is that she's going after the electric blues of the 60's & 70's. Yep, another member of the latest South Saturn Delta force to appear here on good old earth. How do you logically explain a gal whose top myspace friends include names like: Billy Cox, Buddy Miles and Mitch Mitchell?

You don't.

Like others, I suppose Colleen Reilly returned to find the stars misplaced and the smell of a world that has burned. Click Here to visit Colleen's myspace, and listen to Blood Money-- the girl has the voodoo, and there's more on the way. In the bit correspondence we've had, Colleen chatted eagerly about gear and effects the way many girls talk about the latest shoes at the mall.

That's why she's a Strat-o-Sister!
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