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A Strat For Friday #11 - McStrat

image for Stratoblogster by:
Popeye Kahn
McStrat Specs:

100% all beef patty body

Jumbo Fret Fries

All Beef Fretboard slab on a

Toasted Baguette Neck w/Breadstock 

(breadstock not shown for trademark reasons. More appetizing than a Tyler though)

Pickle-ups by Seymour Gherkin
(HumPucker at bridge)

Lardtail semi-recessed bridge
(trem not an option here)

American Cheeseguard by Krapft

String Cheese Ernie Ballzarella

Knobs by 57 Varieties (cup style)

Relic Relish (optional) 

 The McStrat! 

Ciabatta Pun form fit case included!

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