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Quinn Sullivan- Bluesman... Soon Enough!

This Ellen Degeneres show clip of six year old Quinn Sullivan, is from Jan. or Feb. 2006. It could be said Quinn Sullivan has been playing guitar a long time, particularly if you embrace Eastern or Native American philosophies. Make sure you watch the entire video-- there are two parts. In researching, I found some press from a 2003 article in The Standard-Times of New Bedford, MA :

By AARON NICODEMUS, Standard-Times staff writer

NEW BEDFORD --"Every time a blues guitarist played a lick on stage, 4-year-old Quinn Sullivan of New Bedford had an answer. Holding a guitar sized right for him, Quinn strummed and bent the strings, mimicking the actions of the musicians on stage.
He swayed, he shuffled, he danced.
He only stopped playing when his parents made him give his sister a turn with the guitar..."



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