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Pop Icon Lunchbox Mystery Stirs Controversy

If they can make a Hendrix Air Freshener, why don't we see any guitar hero lunch boxes? No Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Eric Clapton lunch boxes? Nope. They don't make 'em.

So, who exactly is this Popeye Kahn anyway-- this mystery guitarist with his very own lunchbox?

Many wish they knew, and experts cannot seem to agree as to the identity or location of this international man of mystery; an American Austin Powers of sorts perhaps.

From Cleveland to Nashville... reportedly even sprouting up around Brussels, to a mythical land known as "Gnash Vegas", one can only speculate as to where the ever elusive Mr. Kahn may hang his hat.

This concludes Part 1, of a continuing investigative series on the man behind Popeye Kahn, and more importantly-- the Popeye Kahn Lunchbox. Don't miss Part 2.
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