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Move Over Zippo! Let Jimi Take Over!

Check out this groovy guitar cigarette lighter I found listed on ebay! Flip one of these baby's out and show everyone just how hip you are! It's fairly anatomically correct too.

Another fine Hong Kong product, all the listing page text is in Chinese. I must brush up on my Cantonese and procure some of these dandy stocking stuffers pronto.

They oughta include a Jimi stand that lights it. You just clap your hands and Jimi's little arm flicks it into ignition.

When my son was about 4, he asked me if we could go to China. I told him that was kinda far, and asked why he wanted to visit China, to which he replied, "Because all my toys were made in China!".

Beats freezin' your butt off at the North Pole I guess! Besides, most of Santa's elves have moved on to the pharmaceutical industry.

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