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Light Pick of Destiny & Mad Inventor!

*The Light Pick, blinking guitar pick with flashing metronome LED effects, is a product of Santa Cruz Light Wells 'SCLW'.*

This video, recovered from the black box of a captured Light Pick "vessel", not only discloses more details about this phenomenon of the guitar universe-- but also reveals the diabolical mastermind responsible for its creation.

Witness the true spectacle, filmed in an undisclosed location, as the eccentric Dr. Michael Herring elaborates on the purpose and functions of this, his most controversial work, The Light Pick.

Genius or madman? Perhaps both. Make your own conclusions.

And what of this Light Pick? Will guitar playing ever be the same again? Can humans evolve quickly enough to realize its potential-- its impact-- its consequences upon the sonic expression of mankind? So many questions... some must remain unanswered. Stay tuned as we continue to delve further.


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