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Julien Kasper Decodes the Strat-o-Culture

Julien Kasper teaches performance labs on Hendrix and Jeff Beck at Berklee College of Music in Boston... when he's not performing with the Julien Kasper Band. What else do you need to know? Well, this video clip from his tune Talkin' About What shows Julien working in serious Band of Gypsies territory. Other vids on youtube including All the Years and 8 to 11, demonstrate Scott Henderson and Eric Johnson approaches respectively. Thus, the phrase "Decodes the Strat-o-Culture". My kind of teacher!

At www.myspace.com/julienkasperband , check the tune Jacketful of Bees from the lastest release The New Imperial. What's not to like here?

Julien's main website, www.julienkasper.com , includes a cool "For Guitarists" section with a page called Keeping Strats in Tune , listing some very useful tips any Strat player will appreciate. I've also discovered the quite impressive D'Pergo guitar line. In a couple of his videos, Julien uses a light minty colored Strat, I initially assumed might be a Suhr Scott Henderson model, which turns out to be a D'Pergo Julien Kasper model. Good looking stuff-- clean headstock!

So tell me Julien Kasper isn't a Strat player's best friend and resource! A great teacher, player, technician and pioneer for Strat-o-ternative luthierage. He's a Stratoblogster VIP, so check all the links in this post, and see for yourself!

Julien Kasper is a Nugene Records artist.
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