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D'Pergo Guitars for El Supremo Strat-o-ternatives

(image from dpergoguitars.com)

D'Pergo Guitars in Windham, NH has some of the sweeeeetist Strat-o-ternatives around. I recently discovered D'Pergo while researching guitarist Julien Kasper.

Comparable to lines like Suhr, Tom Anderson and James Tyler, D'Pergo has also designed and manufactures their own bridges and trems, as well as other hardware.

D'Pergo features some beautiful models that you can check by clicking on the image above. Currently, much of their website is still under construction-- but clicking on the image and text links in this post will give you a good overview. There appears to be a lot more goodies coming when their site is fully up, so add these guys to your favorites.
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