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Andrew Goldring: Another Young Strat Warrior!!

Andrew Goldring is yet another Strat wielding young bluesman, who at age 14 is wasting no time picking up and playing guitar the way it oughta be played. Hailing (and wailing) from SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH-- Andrew fronts his power trio The Rosedale Power Company.

Visit Andrew at: www.myspace.com/rosedalepower or click on his name link above to visit the main website. The myspace site player is loaded with tunes from the new release.

This new cycle, of what I call the "South Saturn Delta Phase", seemed to start with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Derek Trucks and Jonny Lang. It continues with Nick Sterling, Jo Shaw Taylor, Dusty Ciggaar, Shannon Curfman, Desiree' Bassett, Quinn Sullivan and... who else?
(Stay tuned for a directory post on these young Strat-o-wonders)

They keep showin' up folks and I'm so glad! (I'm glad-I'm glad-I'm glad)

"If you listen you can hear it
Its the laughter in the street
Its the motion in the music
And the fire beneath your feet
All the signs are right this time
You don't have to try so very hard
If you live in this world
You're feelin' the change of the guard..."

Lyrics from Change of the Guard
by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen ©1972

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