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All 185 Eric Clapton Blackie Strat's Sell Out in 7 Hours!

A press release of Dec. 4, 2006 via www.musicgearreview.com , a Musician's Friend link, details the rapid deployment and US sales of the 185 units. Musician's Friend is owned by Guitar Center, the exclusive retailer of the Blackie Strats. That oughta make it official. I understand there are 250 total units, so expect some listings from abroad.

Blackie Strats @eBay

In case there's any confusion in the ebay listings, there are also Black Eric Clapton Artist Series signature models being marketed as "Blackie". The Blackie that is the big buzz for the big bucks is the 1956 Relic distressed with cigarette burns. That's right, the more expensive one is the one with the cigarette burns. So, try to keep that straight and maybe you won't get burned.

The first trickle included a listing for a "Blackie Strat" which turned out to be a black Jackson body with a Carvin neck that sold for $212. What a marketer!!!

Next, I found a warning someone posted on ebay to watch out for fake Blackie Strats...

No kidding?!

Here's my favorite line from the press release:

"...Because of the continuing high consumer demand for instantly collectable guitars, the Fender® Custom Shop Tribute Series Master Craftsmen are already hard at work on their 2007 spring edition..."

Makes 'em sound like dedicated little Santa's elf types.

Hey! When are the green and yellow John Deere Tele's, with the little tractor wheel knobs coming out?
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