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Happy New Year From Stratoblogster!!

Hey Kidz! Have a happy and safe New Year!!
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A Strat For Friday #14 - Fender's Russian Strat


The new Custom Shop section at features the beautiful "Russian Strat" by Russian luthier Yuriy Shishkov.

The light ash body is capped both with flame maple top and pickguard. Even the pickups are wired by Shishkov.

Fender Custom Shop lists this high definition cutie in their "Ltd Dealer Select" category (I totally don't know what that means, but I want it).

Click the photo for more details and to visit the rest of the site.

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Guitar Hero Video Game

I've been too busy playing my Guitar Hero game to blog.

Not really-- I don't have it.

I only got pajamas for Christmas, and just woke up. What day is it anyway?

Are there any real guitar players out there actually playing Guitar Hero? Was this invented in Finland?

Anyone have any comments about Guitar Hero?
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Pimp Your Strat Right! Avoid Chia Mods!


As a public service, I feel obliged to advise against creating a Chia Stratocaster-- or doing a Chia mod on any other guitar for that matter. Though it may contribute oxygen to your environment, help reverse global warming and symbolize care for the planet-- it will also rob your strat of valuable tone, and deteriorate other components as well.

Sure, this Chia stuff is cute, but please do not attempt a Chia mod with your Strat. Same goes for amp heads. No Chia amp heads. Stick to Prez Bush, Homer Simpson, Slash and Bono Chia heads.

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A Strat For Friday #13 D'Pergo Soft Top Swirl

We found this D'Pergo currently for sale at Boston Guitar Works.

Everything but the tuners, pots and switch are made by D'Pergo in house. Yep, they make their own pickups and bridges.

D'Pergo uses 600 year old river recovered maple for their necks. Click here for earlier review on D'Pergo Guitars.

Here's more specs from the Boston Guitar Works page:


Body : Alder or Basswood

Neck : Quarter-sawn Maple

Fingerboard : 22 Fret Rosewood or Maple

Frets : Dunlop Medium (6105), Jumbo (6100)

Nut material : Bone, Graphite or Earvana

Pickups : 2 hand-wound D'Pergo 23Õ³ single coils and a hand-wound D'Pergo Humbucker (bridge)

Tuners : Gotoh Staggered Height Locking

Bridge : D'Pergo Reduced Friction 2-Pivot Tremolo

String Spacing : 2-1/8"

Pickguards : White

Radius : 10 or 12"

Profile : .800 C-shape, .820 and .840 A-symmetrical

Nut width : 1-5/8" or 1-11/16"

Hardware : Polished Nickel

Electronics : Master Volume, Middle Tone, Neck Tone (5-way)

Neck Finish : Nitro cellulose lacquer (unfinished feel)

Scale Length : 25.5"

Neck Plate : Contoured heel (recessed)

Fades : Amber

Metallics : Candy Apple Red, Candy Gold

Logo : Black screen

Case : Black Tolex Form fit hardshell case with pocket under neck and black interior

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D'Pergo Guitars for El Supremo Strat-o-ternatives

(image from

D'Pergo Guitars in Windham, NH has some of the sweeeeetist Strat-o-ternatives around. I recently discovered D'Pergo while researching guitarist Julien Kasper.

Comparable to lines like Suhr, Tom Anderson and James Tyler, D'Pergo has also designed and manufactures their own bridges and trems, as well as other hardware.

D'Pergo features some beautiful models that you can check by clicking on the image above. Currently, much of their website is still under construction-- but clicking on the image and text links in this post will give you a good overview. There appears to be a lot more goodies coming when their site is fully up, so add these guys to your favorites.
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TheFret.Net Guitar and Bass Discussion

TheFret.Net is a well moderated and attended forum site for guitar and bass discussion.
A great place to hook up with other musicians and discover more resources for gear, recording tips, who's hot in the guitar world, etc.

Some other favorite groups of mine include the various Kirk95 discussion groups, the forum at Eric Johnson's site and the Jaco Pastorius site forum. All these groups are typically upbeat; with members who put the music first. So be sure to stop by TheFret.Net and make friends.

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Light Pick of Destiny & Mad Inventor!

*The Light Pick, blinking guitar pick with flashing metronome LED effects, is a product of Santa Cruz Light Wells 'SCLW'.*

This video, recovered from the black box of a captured Light Pick "vessel", not only discloses more details about this phenomenon of the guitar universe-- but also reveals the diabolical mastermind responsible for its creation.

Witness the true spectacle, filmed in an undisclosed location, as the eccentric Dr. Michael Herring elaborates on the purpose and functions of this, his most controversial work, The Light Pick.

Genius or madman? Perhaps both. Make your own conclusions.

And what of this Light Pick? Will guitar playing ever be the same again? Can humans evolve quickly enough to realize its potential-- its impact-- its consequences upon the sonic expression of mankind? So many questions... some must remain unanswered. Stay tuned as we continue to delve further.

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Clean Strat Overhaul!

(photo- J.C.i. Customized Guitars)

John iliou, a luthier in Ontario Canada, features a nice little documentary page about overhauling his '79 Strat.

Underneath all the thick polyurethane, John discovered a beautiful ash body that he decided to simply oil finish. As a result, the guitar also recovered more body resonance and sustain. The stock pickguard was replaced with a maple one.

Click Here to see more photos and read about the project.

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Strat Wiring Diagram Schematic?

Stratocaster guitar wiring mods and upgrades.

This is a huge post with lots of resource links. Look around because we've found some cool stuff!

strat_ocaster guitar wiring diagram schematic(image:

Anatomical illustration of the reproductive system of one Stratus Castoris Erectus.

Fender Guitar Parts at The STRATosphere
The STRATosphere Store
Fender factory parts, bodies, necks, new, NOS, pre-owned.

(See our recommendations) (support-wiring diagram pdf's including Eric Johnson config.)

Seymour Duncan Wiring Diagrams -  DOZENS of diagrams! - Billy Penn provides tons of resources on guitar & amp maint., repair, set-up, restoration, etc. -(includes orientation on how to read schematics & symbols) (wiring mods & tricks for tone geeks) (Tons of guitar maintenance and mod tips!)
Quieting the Beast (Strat shielding-grounding tutorial from

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Scroll down for more mods & DIY resources :

Merchants, suppliers & links for all your Strat makeover, upgrade, hot rod, mods and hardware needs:


The STRATosphere - Stocking Eric Johnson loaded pickguards

GuitarFetish Guitar Parts for DIY

Guitar Fetish - Tons of hardware & electronics for most guitars.

Tricked Out Guitar - Get configs with Tonestyler tone controls

TONE CAP RESOURCES - info. about tone capacitors, treble bleed kits and the easiest ways to find & test the right caps for your tone.

Sprague Orange Drop caps

Bodies, Hardware & Electronics

eric johnson strat body loadedNew genuine Fender pre-wired, loaded Eric Johnson Bodies. Convert your EJ RW to Burst!
(In Stock - The STRATosphere)

The STRATosphere
"Genuine Fender parts & worldwide shipping at The STRATosphere. Our store specializes in USA Fender Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster, & Bass guitar parts: necks, bodies, hardware, pickups, & cases. Buy deluxe, vintage, custom shop, & modern models 24/7. Get the best Fender quality only at The STRATosphere!"


Picker's Parts - Denver based supplier for guitar hardware and electronics. Lots of Fender stuff, including necks and bodies. Other top brand components too. Long established with tons of good customer feedback.

Vision Guitar San Jose, CA
Large selection of guitar parts, hardware, electronics, pickups, accessories. Stocking Fralin/CTS blender pots for Strats.

Bodies, Necks, HDWR, Electronics, Unfinished, Finished, Relic'd, etc!

Search term "Stratocaster kit" at eBay reveals a bunch of cool stuff for the DIY'er!   
Stratocaster DIY Guitar Kit

MJT kits (see below these pics)

We also ran into a store called MJT Aged Guitar Finishes who supply parts and kits in various stages of finish, depending on how much you wanna do yourself and/or your budget.

  Antique Vintage Guitars Info. -- Best resource on vintage Fender finish colors and history.

Tuning Machines Resource Links

Gotoh staggered locking tuners
Gotoh Vintage SD91HAPM Locking tuners
A tuner upgrade that makes sense! Adjustable height staggered posts with locking capability but not the extra locking thumb wheel that ruins the vintage look.

Slider's Vintage Classic 59's PickupsSlider's Vintage Classic 59's
Here are some Strat coils many people like:

DiMarzio - HS-2 We only include this one as a bridge position suggestion as Eric Johnson uses the HS-2 in one of his 57's. The HS-2 is stacked (a humbucker) which EJ wires for single coil. Yeah, it's an EJ thing, okay... So do your research.

Slider's Vintage Classic pickups are available through their eBay user account: sliderspickups . Rod "Slider" McQueen builds one set at a time. The pickups are vintage reproductions with NOS wire, rounded edge bakelite covers and vintage magnets which Slider charges and matches to each set. Any sets that aren't pre-sold are listed at eBay. IF NONE LISTED, KEEP CHECKING BACK! McQueen has been featured at ToneQuest Report and is 100% rated at eBay, where his item descriptions are heavily detailed.

KGH Brass Strat Trem BlockKiller Guitar Compents "KGC" machined bell brass hi-resonance trem blocks.

Killer Guitar Components - Specializing in hi-grade machined brass trem blocks for superior Strat tone & sustain. Tell 'em Stratoblogster sent ya!

GUITARFETISH STORE - Stocking a variety of guitar upgrade items. Check their Electronics section for interesting pre-amp and onboard mid-boost products for Strats!

Raw Vintage Trem Springs & Saddles

Guitar Parts And More hardware & guitar kits-- ALLPARTS Dealer.

Suhr BPSSC - BPSSC stands for Back Plate Silent Single Coil. This is a major upgrade for Stratocaster & Strat-type guitars. Removes all 60hz hum without degrading signal. Recommended by Scott Henderson.

Tremol-No Tremolno Guitar Trem Device No, Mercedes Benz hasn't started making disposable shavers...

Tricked Out Guitar is still selling Tremol-No units for under $50, including free shipping! That's the best deal-- check around yourself!

Purple Pearl Pickguard

Guitar Parts Online
- The largest selection of Stat pickguards on eBay.

pin_up girl strat pickguardRockin' Billy's

Rockin' Billy's Guitar Parts - (aka Greasy Groove) Pin-up decals and thousands of graphics pickguards. Click pickguards in their menu, then Strat Pickguards subcategory!

Tricked Out Guitar has parts and hardware for tricking out your Strat. Product lines include: Allparts, Q-Parts, Stellartone, Lindy Fralin, TV Jones, Seymour Duncan, Wilkinson, Mighty-Mite, Fender, Gibson, Custom Shop and more. They're also a dealer for STELLARTONE TONESTYLER Pots. Be sure to check out TOG's custom prewired pickguard assemblies in several yummy flavors.

Exotic wood Musikraft finish Strat-Tele NeckCustom Musikraft exotic wood necks by Jamerson-Guitars

Jamerson-Guitars a Top-rated Seller, is Fender licensed Musikraft's Official eBay "Custom Shop". Besides maple, these guys make necks from striped figured ebony, zebrawood, cocobolo and more!

Pin-up Decal School Girl"Schoolgirl" by artist Keith Garvey
2.5" x 6" clear vinyl static decal

Vintage Pin-up Decals - Directory for classic waterslide decals, including How-To links for applying decals, graphics and refinishing your guitar.

Protect your tone with good cable!

George L's Deluxe Purple kit w/black capsGeorge L's Deluxe Purple kit w/black caps - In Stock: Al's Music Source

Mogami 2524 Silent 10' w/Neutrik plugsMogami 2524 Silent 10' w/Neutrik plugs - In Stock: NY Pro Audio Cables

Here's a couple suppliers for really good guitar cable who stock friggin' tons of the stuff! Or maybe I should say miles of it.

Al's Music Source - California based supplier, claims to have the largest George L's inventory "on the planet". The George L's deluxe kits are currently available in black, blue, purple & red with various combos of caps colors -- and Al's has it all in stock.

NY Pro Audio Cables - Huge East Coast cable outfit with lots of Mogami cable that they terminate in-house with Neutrik plugs. Other top cable brands also available.

Eric Johnson uses George L's, and Scott Henderson is a big fan of Mogami cable. Either way you can't go wrong. East or West Coast.

Guitar Builder & Luthier Tools & Supplies Complete eBay category results

Wilkinson WVC SB Chrome USA Strat Retrofit at AZ Guitar Parts

AZ GUITAR PARTS - Bridges, Pickguards, Pickups, Tuners, Plates, and Necks.

Pro Rock Gear - Parts source for Wilkinson & Floyd Rose bridge/trem systems.

ebay MIM Strat search
Cheaper, used "made in Mexico" or "MIM" Strats make great DIY upgrade projects!

VACUUM TUBES & AMP PARTS DIRECTORY - Includes NOS tubes suppliers.


Fret MD: Electric Guitar and Bass Setup and Maintenance (DVD)

Free resources for guitar and/or amp wiring schematics: (support-wiring diagram pdf's including Eric Johnson config.)
Fender American Design Experience - Config & order your Fender guitar factory direct. -(includes orientation on how to read schematics & symbols) (wiring mods & tricks for tone geeks) (Tons of guitar maintenance and mod tips!)
Quieting the Beast (Strat shielding-grounding tutorial from
Seymour Duncan Wiring Diagrams - Page is LOADED with DOZENS schematics!
Strat Pickup Replacement - video tutorial by SEYMOUR DUNCAN!!!
JASON LOLLAR STRAT PICKUP Installation & Adjustment Videos
Strat Build Tutorial (Ron Kirn takes you Step by Step)
Ron Kirn Templates (Premier Guitar contributor Dirk Wacker's site)
DIYguitarist - Guitar maintenance & repair resources. - The absolute best soldering tech tutorial videos. Fill any gaps in your soldering savvy!!!

Fret MD (Forum & help on guitar-bass set-up issues) (DIY Strat build documentary blog)
The Stagemaster Project (documentary project blog)
John Fisher builds a Strat "The Hard Way" (DIY, SRV Strat Video Series)

STRAT TREM SET-UP - Video by Italian wizard luthier Galaezzo Frudua showing how to make your standard Strat trem stay in tune like a Floyd Rose without locking nut or tuners. Watch for yourself!!!

CARL VERHEYEN TREM SET-UP - Watch how Carl set's up his Strat trems, plus full painstaking post video analysis by TGP members.

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If you didn’t read this at Guitar Blog, it’s been bootlegged! ©2006 - 2013 JP Holesworth. All rights reserved. This article may not be reprinted, distributed or duplicated without author’s written permission.

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Andrew Goldring: Another Young Strat Warrior!!

Andrew Goldring is yet another Strat wielding young bluesman, who at age 14 is wasting no time picking up and playing guitar the way it oughta be played. Hailing (and wailing) from SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH-- Andrew fronts his power trio The Rosedale Power Company.

Visit Andrew at: or click on his name link above to visit the main website. The myspace site player is loaded with tunes from the new release.

This new cycle, of what I call the "South Saturn Delta Phase", seemed to start with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Derek Trucks and Jonny Lang. It continues with Nick Sterling, Jo Shaw Taylor, Dusty Ciggaar, Shannon Curfman, Desiree' Bassett, Quinn Sullivan and... who else?
(Stay tuned for a directory post on these young Strat-o-wonders)

They keep showin' up folks and I'm so glad! (I'm glad-I'm glad-I'm glad)

"If you listen you can hear it
Its the laughter in the street
Its the motion in the music
And the fire beneath your feet
All the signs are right this time
You don't have to try so very hard
If you live in this world
You're feelin' the change of the guard..."

Lyrics from Change of the Guard
by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen ©1972

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Deborah Henson-Conant: Strat-o-Sister Abstract

I'm not sure if "abstract" is the correct term to use. The harp is the ancestor of all stringed and keyboard instruments. Perhaps Deborah Henson-Conant would best be described as a George Lucas character, from-- "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...", or maybe Harpo Marx's ultimate dream babe or even a Vulcan chick experiencing that 7 year Vulcan thing. It's tough to pin her down, but any gal who can do this is an honorary trans-dimensional Strat-o-Sister.

Discover more at:

Strat-0-Sister directory

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Jay Kaye Interview at Modern Guitars

(photo cred: pmtv2000)

I just ran into a great interview of blues-rock guitarist Jay Kaye at . I wasn't familiar with this guy, but he's been around awhile and worked with lots of cool folks.

The son of traveling musicians, Jay was born backstage right after his Strat playin' mom finished her last set. That's right, Jay is the son of a Strat-o-Sister-- they been around longer than you think!

Check out the cool interview by Rick Landers and also listen to Jay's streaming mp3's while you're there.

Click the image to visit The Jay Kaye Band website.
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Electrolytic Etched Brass Strat Pickguard

What a great idea for a Dark Side of the Moon theme Strat!

I'm not sure the creator of this clock gear pickguard had that in mind, but it works. Then I'd add little dollar sign fretboard markers and a rainbow prism image in the upper left behind the bridge.

Click the image for more about the process behind this pickguard, as well as other projects by Mr. Hieronymus Isambard "Jake" von Slatt (yes, that's his name).

Strat Pickguard Sources:

Dazbootman Pickguards
Specializes in pickguards only. Zillions of pickguards! It's ridiculous-- makes choosing a tie seem easy.

Rockin' Billy's - Specializing in graphics on pickguards & trem covers. Huge selection, several themes.

The STRATosphere
Loaded Pickguards--Fender authorized and certified Stratocaster parts and accessories dealer.

Guitar-Parts-Resource, LLC
Guitar parts for most makes and models. Great source for builders, luthiers, repair shops and anyone looking for specialized guitar parts.

Pimp Your Strat - Directory - Guitar Supplier Portal Site

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A Strat for Friday #12 'Oktoberfest revisited'

(Photo from

This Strat-o-ternative was produced by Fresher, a German guitar maker. "Fresher" eh... you should see the headstock.

See this article from Vintage Guitar Magazine.

Talk about German engineering-- would ya just look at all the knobs and switches on this thing!! What is all that stuff??

Actually, this model comes stock with it's very own micro-brewery. Just think, no more drawing straws on who makes the beer-run. In fact, you can actually draw your own straw directly from the refrigerated tanks, located near the trem spring well, and enjoy a cold one, at mid-set or any time that strikes your fancy.

Ahhhhh! Now that's refreshment!

Pictured is the Pilsner model. There's also a Lager model, and Fresher is close to releasing a limited production Hefewiezen Strat-0-tapper, just in time for Oktoberfest, which comes with a commemorative bratwurst sausage, matching capo & slide set.

Note: Hops, barley & malt sold separately.

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And the Wind Cries OREGON!!

On Thursday night, Dec. 14, the Pacific NW- USA was slammed with a massive windstorm. My power was off from Thursday till Sunday morning.

The photo is NOT my house, but it represents a common scenario resulting from the high winds. It has been raining a lot here, leaving the ground very saturated and soft. When a high wind comes through, even the largest trees can get knocked over.

We had wind gusts from 70 to 100+ mph. This doesn't happen often; in '95 we had a similar storm of this magnitude. Pin It Now!