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Will Farrell Co-stars With Stratocaster

(photo/link credit: Copious Notes blog)

In the recent film debut of Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Farrell, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson and Queen Latifah (did I leave anyone out?), Farrell portrays Mr. Harold Crick, a guy in a dead end rut of a life, who suddenly begins experiencing some strange occurrences.

Finding and playing a classic sea-mist green Stratocaster is just one of Harold Crick's cosmic experiences in the movie.

Rich Copely, at the Copious Notes blog, examines Farrell's Strat encounter from a guitarists viewpoint.

I'm just wondering if we'll be seeing more of this Strat in movies to come, Letterman and Leno interviews or perhaps next season's Dancing With the Stars, tangoing with that little tweed fellow.
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