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Wearable Instrument Shirt (WIS)

(photo from www.csiro.au)

The guy pictured is wearing some kind of textile interface shirt which allows him to play air guitar without a guitar, and BE HEARD. Hard to believe this DIDN'T come from Finland-- it was instead developed by Dr. Richard Helmer at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

This is somewhat related to the WAG, Wireless Audio Gesture device, also for guitar and profiled here at stratoblogster.

Click Here for a detailed CSIRO press release. Also, check THIS VIDEO.

They say this can be adapted to any article of clothing, meaning exotic dancers may have to get dressed if they wanna play their own tunes. Also, the terrifying prospect of breaking a string may give way to simply breaking a thread. My imagination is already on overload here!

The communications and security ramifications of this technology are staggering! We may even be required to fly in the buff soon, and First Class seating may be determined by a cosmetic standard-- adding an interesting twist to "profiling". Both the airline industry and Botox are sure to get a boost in bidness. I only hope Jet Blue remembers to run the heat.
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